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Lets work together to stay SAFE

  • lCOVID-19 Barbicide course taken and passed
  • Face shield, mask, and gloves are mandatory!
  • Stations, chairs, and mirrors are to be cleared and sanitized daily
  • Chairs and stations will be disinfected between EVERY client
  • Floors are to be swept between every service
  • NO extra people during appointment
  • There is NO waiting area
  • One client permitted in suite at a time
  • Client must wait in car until stylist directs you to come in
  • Client must have forms filled out PRIOR to appointment time
  • Clients must wear mask and wash hands upon entry to the salon
  • Clients temperature will be taken upon entry to the salon
  • Shampoo area must be disinfected after every client
  • Scheduled restroom cleanings by staff
  • ANY STYLIST OR CLIENT that are experiencing ANY symptoms should STAY HOME! You will be asked to leave and will incur any fees per the cancellation policy
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